Friday, 3 March 2017

Alzheimer's Cure data is out there

Every Dr has promised to be aware of, validate and use new medical developments. In 2013 I published the CURE of Alzheimer's usig 8W 1MHz ultrasound. My FaceBook page is nuber 1 and 4.
I comes up in the top 5 of Google searches. So it has been read by Dr.s – who have to tell other Dr.s working on Alzheimer's about my work, A total cure, for under 30 UK pounds.
Not to do so, is to be instantly struck off – 4 years ago. So I can say with certainty, every GP has read and validated my work on High Intensity UltraSound. Just as they all read and validated the work on the Moffitt cancer centre, or HIUS clearing cancer.
And then totally ignored it – to go on prescribing defective, criminal biochemistry.
Killing ½ a billion people around the wordl! Hitler only caused the death od 60 million. So registered doctors have killed 40 times more people, than died in world war II. In the last 15 years – and the killing goes on.
The Hippocratic oath is very clear: all such Dr.s expelled for ever from medicine. Return all wages, and await criminal trial – for 10,000 cases of 1st degree murder – EACH.
My 40,000 view video got deleted - by who?
How many patients has your GP deliberately and cynically killed? Only 9,000 or more than 25,000?
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