Monday, 6 February 2017

The water diesel

A Fossil Fuels diesel runs at 8 atmospheres, and does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 Cm(H2O)n+pO2++TU->(mCO2+(n-r)H2O-E)+r(He+O+E2+X-ray)
So a working diesel give out X-rays, and produces Helim gas. But oxidising the carbon radical takes in energy.
But the crank shaft supplies this energy, and the MND cuts it at 10 atmospheres, and supplies so much energy.
One way to double 'r' is to ti plate the cylinder bodies and head. Usually water diesels at 10 atmospheres, so an unmodified diesel would cause water to diesel, but would run very lumpy. It might even shake the engine apart, or stop before we got to the Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
But if we Ti plated, the engine, we could reduce the pressure cycle, so the cylinder pressure only reached at top dead centre. So all the Molecular Nuclear Fusion wouls happen on the down stroke.
We then feed the engnie with water. And the water drops would do Molecular Nuclear Fusion – just as heavy rain does.
2 H2O+TU->He+O+E2+X-ray
Even snow does this. So no need to heat the water. So Ti plate a diesel in the lab, and see if it will run off water.
Because tap water is very cheap. And when it diesels, releases no CO2. The diesel cycle was developed to rub off low energy oil, and with a little tweaking, will run off water.
~With a Ti plate, the engine will run off petrol – and produce more power than diesel – which is dearer. The Ti plate will last for the life of the engine – and can be retro fitted to diesels.
 BMW already sells water injection systems, that act in the same way. Cheaper and easier option, just Ti plate the cylinder bodies.

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