Monday, 27 February 2017

So how much is biochemistry worth?

The largest negative value ever - -2000 trillion.
For the last 15 years, no registered Dr has been legally allowed to prescribe any biochemical drug for cancer.
1 application of High Intensity Ultrasound clears all cancer: though I use 3 applications of 8W 1MHz ultrasound – from a medically licensed massage device.

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Total cure – no agonising death within 2 years. No ineffective, criminal surgery. So all biochemical patents ceased to have any value 15 years ago. The biochemical industry induced Hippocratic swearing medics to keep prescribing – what they knew to be defective drugs.

So AstraZeneca HAS THE LARGEST NEGATIVE VALUE EVER. It has NO legal product. Every registered DR personally validated HIUS 2002. And knew they were using defective drugs, to kill ½ a billion paying patients. Criminal, mass murder.
 Every AstraZeneca share traded for under $5 yesterday: but has an associated legal fine of 5 billion. And nobody in their right mind would ever buy them.

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