Saturday, 11 February 2017

So cancer is being cured

Under a minute of 8W1MHz ultrasound is medically proved to clear cancer totally. So AstraZeneca notice the sales of its biochemical treatments were down.

No registered Dr can now prescribe biochemical treatmetns without being struck off. So AstraZeneca reasoned they were losing money to compatible drugs manufacturers, who could make AZ treatmetns as they came ot of patent. And AZ had failed to produce any better drugs.
So they decided to put their effeorts into better pain illnig drugs. And maek the money out of cancer patietns dying in agony, in 2 years.
They are in for a big shock. High Intensity UltraSound not only cures the cancer – it totally removes the pain. I was shocked when I cured a guy of liver cancer, and the pain curtain was totally lifted in 10 seconds.  The device is

So HIUS is more effective than criminal biochemical treatmetns, and totally clears cancer pain.
I was shocked tonight, to find Amazon would lend my book on HIUS out. Free for a day. It would take 4 days to read. The description and source of HIUS is within 200 words of eh start of the book. So people take the answer, and don't buy the book.

I have stuff to say about diabetes, MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Schizophrenia – buy the ebook. It cost 3 UK pounds.
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