Monday, 27 February 2017

PUSH Dr defective

Here in the UK, drug companies are trying to bypass the GP- who are increasingly unwilling to prescribe biochemistry.
High Intensity UltraSound cures cancers, heart disease, diabetes, mental health problems – see my other posts for details. So these are the main income for biochemical drug companies.
But no registered Dr is allowed to prescribe defective medicine: and biochemistry is defective, criminal medicine.
The only Dr.s who can ethically work for them, are struck off – or will be after their first unethical prescription. People build up a history with a GP, and PSH Dr. is trying to get around this.
No registered Pharmacist can fill the prescriptions for struck off Dr.s. So Exit can not get its prescriptions filled anywhere in the world.
The Hippocratic OATH APPLIES EVEN IN AMSERDAM. Sio exit is globally illegal. External application of e.g. 8W 1MHz ultrasound for 1 minute clears all terminal conditions p- so no reason for EXIT.
ITV can't take illegal adverts – and PUSH Dr adverts are illegal. All previous showings of the PUSH Dr ads are illegal – included over the internet.

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