Wednesday, 15 February 2017

No cancer

The Moffitt cancer centre cured cancer 2002 – using 1 application of High Intensity UltraSound. They published this idea in the medical press – read and confirmed by every Dr on Earth.
Biochemical treatments, chemo and radio therapy plus cancer surgery all became defective, criminal medicine. Just 1 prescription struck off the Dr. Their health insurance is invalid, and they are barred from medicine for life.
Any further medicine is medical malpractice. 25 year in jail, and a 10 million fine for every cancer patient killed – or a massive payout, even in the patient lived.
Every health centre has a 8W3MHz ultrasound device – that will clear all cancers in under 20 seconds of external ultrasound. Just once.

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I use a 8W 1MHz device – that can take up to 1 minute. I use 3 times – though once seems to do the job. So all hospital have the device to clear all cancers.
Applied to each side of the head, it clears all mental health problems: MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Schizophrenia...
HIUS to the bottom right of the chest clears all diabetes. Though type 1 takes 3 days to remit. Only ½ a minute of HIUS required – stop when you feel warming.
by Jonathan Thomason and Dr Polly MatZinger
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HIUS to the top left of the chest and kidneys for ½ a minute clears heart disease: medically published and confirmed by all GPs 2012 – no cancer medicine medically ethical after this date.


Jonathan Thomason said...

Biochemistry illegal
2002. That year the Moffitt published the use of High Intensity UltraSound to totally clear cancer at 1 appointment.
2008 HIUS to the lower right of the chest clears all diabetes – type 1 with a 3 day delay in remitting. 2012 HIUS to the top left of the chest and kidneys was medically proven to clear heart disease.
2013 HIUS was used by me to clear MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, schizophrenia, ADHD and depression – all mental health fixed. As suitable, medically licensed HIUS device is
So patients cam claim back their medical fees: Dr.s all validated HIUS 100% effective from the dates above. Yet professors at the Christie allowed Dr.s in their medical team to prescribe defective medicine, killing the patients.
Each biochemical death fines the Dr 10 million – and strikes them off the medical register. So al Dr.s and professors at the Christie are barred from medicine for life.
Dr.s medical insurance was revoked 15 years ago: all medical practice medical malpractice.
So families sue the Dr, then health centre, then NHS in the UK, for 10 million – every relative killed by defective biochemistry.
All prescribing Dr.s are barred from medicine 15 years ago.

Jonathan Thomason said...

Cancer so easy to cure
Using the best medicine – impossible to cure with defective medicine like biochemical treatments, radio and chemo therapy or surgery. And every Dr has promissed to be aware of, and use best medicine.
So in 2002 the paper by the Moffitt cancer centre was read and personally evaluated by every Dr – or the Dr HAD TO STRIKE THEMSELVES OFF. THEY INVALIDATED THEIR HEALTH INSURANCE, AND COULD NEVER AGAIN PRACTICE MEDICINE.
So all grauating medic since 2002 had their Hippocratic oath invalidated, and were never registered Dr.s. So every day's medicine was medical malpractice.
No medical school could research biochemical treatments – or they would be expelled from medicine for ever. So harvard and Cambridge have been illegal collages for 15 years. Snd students can claim back all tuition and other fees – plus punitive damages, for being expelled from medicine.
The cheapest medically licensed High Intensity UltraSound device is a 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device. Under 1 minute of external application will clear all primaries.
Same time for the liver, ½ a minute to local lymph nodes and the sides of the head. I do it 3 times – the Moffitt used only 1.
When medics hear a person has used HIUS, they are whisked away to a cancer hospital, when they are biochemed to death. This is first degree murder.
And all the Dr.s and professors at the Christie have not been medically licensed for 15 years: expect huge court cases. 10 million and 25 years in jail for each TOTALLY AVOIDABLE death.
HIUS removes all cancer pain in under 1 minute. For it never to return. And 10 million for every patient death. All professors seem to have removed their photographs.

Jonathan Thomason said...

Carry on killing
In 2002 the Moffitt published a 100 patient, double blind trial on High Intensity UltraSound clearing cancer. So medic borrowed a HIUS unit from the hospital.
They used it on recently removed caner tissue. And the cancer cells all fragmented. If they had taken gas samples, they would have seen He and O gases. They did measure the X-rays emitter – by non irradiated tissue.
Cancer cells have to be inflated to induce body cell to bud. UltraSound causes deep tissue burns at 180W 40kHz. We get body cell boiling.
HIUS includes 150W 40kHz, and it causes cancer cell in the body to experience Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2Op+US->He+O+E2+X-ray
Eureka! 2002 the Moffitt had found a way to makes cancer cells fragment. And this produces an immune action to clear the cancer cells through out the body and brain. I have found a 8W 1MHz device is suitable

Medics tried it on patients with all 200 types of cancer. The cancer was totally cleared in under 1 minute. Dr.s though 'how interesting'. And carried on prescribing the seam defective biochemistry and surgery that killed cancer patients horribly in 2 years.
HIUS cleared the cancer totally in under 1 minute. I found a 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device operated as a medically licensed HIUS device.
Safe for home use – clearing all cancers. HIUS applied to the chest throat and nose cleared all viruses – stopping the formation of all cancers. The greatest health boon ever.
Dr.s totally ignored – so they could carry on killing for money. ½ a billion patients in the last 15 years.
Totally illegally. Their Hippocratic oath makes applying defective medicine criminal. Invalidating their insurance. Making medical practice illegal.
And the people to oversee this were the AMA or other legal registers. That are filled with registered Dr.s. Who ignored the Hippocratic oath, so they could earn loads of mopey.
By killing your fiends and family. And every Dr on Earth validated HIUS.
No prescription, research or teaching of biochemistry legal. So all medical students who have graduated in the last 15 years – never Dr.s. All medical practice, medical malpractice.
Every biochemical prescription criminal.
And no drug company could legally make and sell defective biochemistry. AstraZeneca alone has acted soi criminally, it owes a legal fine of 80 times the economic wealth of the planet. And any employee of AZ will now die in prison – or be executed.
Which will not bring back our loved ones. RIP David – due for burial on the 28th. Killed by the Christie Hospital, using defective biochemistry. I tried to use HIUS, but they whisked him away, to bio chem him to death. 1st degree murder – by medics.