Monday, 20 February 2017

Most criminal AstraZeneca

This applies to every biochemical drug company out there. In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre applied High Intensity Ultra\Sound to prostate cancer, and got a 1 appointment total cure.
Rendering biochemical treatments. Radio and chemo therapy plus surgery defective medicine.
Using defective medicine is criminal – so all prescribing Dr.s struck off – dating back 15 years. Biochemical drug companies are nto allowed to make or sell defective medicine.
So AstraZeneca has acted illegally for 15 years, killing 200 million patients around the world. 10 million as a legal fine, and 25 years in jail. Every manager and worker at AZ will die in jail.
The fine is 80 times the economic worth of the planet. Even 1 billion is above the maximum legal payout.
2000 trillion – biggest fine conceivable. And AZ knew in 2002 biochemistry was criminal medicine – so bought off the national regulators to go on killing. So as of 2002, AstraZeneca is expelled from medicine.
Now to explain how High Intensity UltraSound works.
Hearts of animals give out X-rays, in time with the heart beat - the hearts are doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Only other source of X-rays is nuclear fission – we can rule out. Too fatal to life.
1 H2O+P+TU->He+O+X-ray+E
So you can take your pulse with a Geiger counter. Arctic fish do it down to -20oC. You will gather, I have an M.Eng. Specialising in radioactivity.
So all life does Molecular Nuclear Fusion – included plants in the light.
2 mCO2+(n+r)H2O+L+TU+pO2->(Cm(H2O)n-E)+r(He+O+E3+X-ray)
This is why carbon dates work – all active life does Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Which ceases when the animals die. So do waterfalls, running water or rain, snow and lightening.
So nuclear fusion down to -20oC.
When we apply 5W 40kHz ultrasound to the pressurised cancer cells, they do Molecular Nuclear Fusion – in 1. So just the cancer cells emit X-rays. No source of nuclear fission – so we are doing nuclear fusion: the Sherlock Holmes idea – what ever is not impossible, must be true.
So in 2001 I was doing a PhD at Sheffield University, and suggested the use of high power ultrasound to restrict cancer growth.
I thought the inate emission of X-rays would slow cancer growth. I was wrong. The following year, the Moffitt published the use of HIUS, to totally clear cancers.
Just the cancer cells experienced cell content boiling: cancer cells must be pressurised, in order to induce body cells to bud. Regular body cells bud off the stem cells – cancer is locked out of.
It divides in a viral fashion: it is a viral rump condition – so not random. 6 enzymes in common with infectious disease.

by Jonathan Thomason and Dr Polly MatZinger
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So it works for all 200 cancers out there. As every cancer researcher told AZ: who ignored HIUS to go on making and selling defective, criminal biochemistry. And financially induced Hippocratic oath swearing Dr.s to go on prescribing defective medicine.
Every Dr. has sworn the Hippocratic oath – and are prohibited from using defective medicine. Penalty, to be struck off and face criminal charges. Repaying all wages and pension since they acted illegally.
And a legal fine of 10 million, and 25 years in jail. For every patient deliberately killed. In 2010 AZ sacked ALL its cancer researchers – who were no longer registered Dr.s anyway.
So the biggest financially motivated mass killing in history. Not a fit company. So we have all lost friends and family, to the financial greed of AZ, and their criminal medicine.

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