Saturday, 18 February 2017

Making natural gas

Turns out to be really easy. Once you have the methane, you pass it down a series of titanium honeycomb, and you get out lights diesel oil. C12H26-C16H34. Diesel and petrol oil. So making free diesel and petrol is really easy.
You get high pressure liquid CO2 from an air gasification plant – they sell it as party cold ice, or throw it away.
You need a source of steam. You could drill down to the deep, where steam comes up at 280oC, 8 atmospheres. You need to add heat, so you pass it over the hot end of a Carnot heat pump.
Alternately, you can use 2 steam plasma tubes. A steam engine took combustion products at 750oC, passed this though a fire tube, and we got 3,000oC.
The steam plasma in the fire tubes does Molecular Nuclear Fusion. If we fire up a steam plasma using a pulse of power at 2,000V, the plasma will self sustain at 4 atmospheres. Doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+TU->He2++O2++4e-+E2+X-ray
So a working steam engine did nuclear fusion! As it passed combustion products through the fire tube in the boiler. An IC engine does it today – as we get combustion products in a cylinder.
So here we fire up a 50x1cm steam plasma, and the surface temperature is 10millionOC. The bulk temperature is only 450oC, and it self sustains at 4 atmospheres.
We use 1 tube to boil off liquid water, to steam at 120oC. Then we use the second tube to heat it to over 350oC. And we add the CO2 to the steam.
And in a reactor vessel, we get CH4, O plus unreacted CO2 and steam. At low pressure we get the Sabatier process, where CO2 and steam forms methane and oxygen. At high pressure we get the opposite reaction. Which is why the petrol cycle on works at high pressure.
Low pressure we get a sooty black flame, little power – and then it will not burn. Which is why diesel will not burn at normal air pressure. We have to pressurise the hydrocarbon and air to above 8 atmospheres, before we get spontaneous ignition.
So in the city centre, we turn the carbon dioxide into natural gas, and as we burn this get back the CO2: so it is a net carbon 0 fuel. It takes in CO2 to form, and releases it when burnt. But as burn it, we do Molecular Nuclear Fusion
2 CH4+pO2->(CO2+(2-r)H2O-E)+r(He+O+E2)
So the Molecular Nuclear Fusion the steam plasma tube does – taking out heat to oxidise the carbon radical.
So a 1m row of gas or oil burners release 45kW of heat. Our 50x1cm steam plasma at 4 atmospheres, releases 1.2MW of heat. As it does 1.
So gas is a deficient, and overprice energy source. Oil is even more over priced.
So here is the idea – just replace 8 1m oil or gas burners, with 1 50x1cm steam plasma tube. It uses so little water we will struggle to measure it. About 10-20cc of regular water a decade.
Clean, free and non polluting. With no CO2.
If you want natural gas, use the Sabatier process to produce it where you wish to sell and burn it. No need to tanker in oil from the middle East – make it in any town or city.
When you have your CH4 and oxygen, you need to separate these using a semipermeable membrane. And then cool the gases down on the cold end of my Carnot heat pump – passing the heat to a low pressure gas.
When you pressurise this gas, it gets hot – which will heat the entry steam. We repeat with the oxygen, until we get liquid oxygen we can sell. And the liquid helium is worth more weight for weight than gold.
As it is in high demand for welding – totally inert gas. The price of oil and gas is already crashing.

Saudi Arabia loses money when crude is below $100 a barrel, Even with quota reductions it is around $55. And as more people MAKE their own petrol and diesel, the Saudi Arabia quota reductions will just increase the amount of oil and gas we can make and sell. Thanks Saudi.  No with a negative balance of trade: sell your Riads.  Saudi can't afford the pesent quota reductions - it is broke.

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