Monday, 27 February 2017

In 2002 cancer CURED

That year the Moffitt cancer centre applied High Intensity UltraSound to cancer and cured it. It works for all 200 types of cancer – which must have a non native inflated cell structure, in order to grow. The ultrasound set off Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+US ->He+O+E2+X-ray
This si the source of the X-rays cancer give oss in ultrasound scans:there are only 2 sources of X-rays. Nuclear fission and fusion. And fission is toxic to all life. So we are doing nuclear fusion, down to -20oC.
Every Dr on Earth has been famiar with this science, for 15 years.
The hart of Arctic fish give out X-rays, and the pressure waves from the beating heart give out X-rays, in time with the animal pulse. Your heart gives out X-rays, in time with your pulse.
The Hippocratic oath demands all registered Dr.s read and validated this science – hence the sudden rush to retire.
As Dr.s would prefer for their patients to die in agony, in 2 years – rather than 1 application of HIUS totally cure them.
So for 15 years, research, teaching or prescription of biochemistry or surgery, has been defective , criminal medicine.
So no medical school could ethically research biochemistry for 15 years – or they are permanently excluded from medicine. And all their published papers shredded.
And all biochemical patents invalidated – biochemistry is now criminal medicine.
And any prescribing Dr has been struck off – for 15 years. Their health insurance invalidated, and all medical practice medical malpractice.
All PhDs on biochemistry voided – and all tuition fees returned to the struck off Dr.s: who now face billion dollar criminal trials.
These are the most heinous criminals and mass killers who have ever lived. They must return all wages for the last 15 years – and have voided their pensions. Included every Dr involved with cancer research.
I use a 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device – clears ALL cancers in 1 minute: patients who have been prescribed biochemistry, get back all medical charges – and damages. Up to $15 million for a patient death. Money going to the next of kin.

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    No valid insurace – no medical practice is legal.

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