Monday, 20 February 2017

Churches cure cancers for free.

This uses a commercially soured ultrasonic massage device – used to give ultrasonic massages. The Churches do not charge, and don't guarantee it will work – and do not advise you to stop present cancer treatments.
If the patient no longer has cancer, the GP gets struck off for medicating the well.
This uses the heating effect of microwaves. This effect rises will cell pressure – so at 8W 1MHz we do not even warm body cells, but cause cancer cell to fragment as they experience cell content boiling – due to Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
ALL cancers must have pressurised cells in order to divide and grow – which is why body cells are never pressurised.
1 H2Op+US->He+O+E2+X-ray
This is why ultrasound scans cause cancers to give off X-rays: all cancers do Molecular Nuclear Fusion in response to ultrasound.
The efficacy of HIUS was proved and published by the Moffitt cancer centre 2002. All Dr.s have to have read and validated this science 15 years ago – or they were struck off 15 years ago. And have invalidated their health insurance then. Medical practice is then illegal.
You GP denies knowledge of this science – not a registered Dr fro 15 years. Every days' medical practice MEDICAL MALPRACTICE. So biochemistry etc. became defective criminal medicine in 2002.
The simplest and cheapest source of High Intensity UltraSound is a 8W 1MHz ultrasonic massage device.

So church health groups can run the massage device over the cancer, for under 1 minute – and totally clear the cancer. Setting up a body wide immune action. For 0.002 cents. Total, for ever cure.

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