Friday, 20 January 2017

Turning coal into petrol so cheaply!

In the Carnot/refrigeration cycle, we pressurise and vent a gas. At high pressure the gas gets hot, when vented it gets cold. This is how your freezer at home makes cold – weh nti has a hto fridge heat exchanger.
So we use coal to boil off water, and then generate vpower. But now we combine the two – and get the Sabatier reaction
1 CO2+H2O->CH4+O2 at 350oC, 1 atmosphere.
We are used to methane burning in room temperature air, but above 350oC it unburns. So CO2 and steam give us methane. We need to separate off the oxygen, and refrigerate it into liquid oxygen – very valuable.
The heavier gases are steam and methane. So we refrigerate to 50oC, and get out water back to return to the boiler room.
We use the high pressure Carnot gas here to superheat the pre-turbine steam.
We take down to -30oC, and get off methane. Which we can sell as natural gas. Or was it through 8 Ti honeycombs, and get mixed diesel and petrol fuel.
So 120kW of power has turned our waste gases into fuel. Which can be sold, and used to reduce the cost of our generated power.
That gives us the raw ingredients to make petrol. For 10% of the cost of Saudi Fossil Fuels oil. So we suck CO2 out of the exhaust gases, and make petrol in the US or UK.
I came up with the heat exchanger idea during my PhD into chemical engineering.Only 4% of the system steam is used to react with the CO2 – the rest goes off to a cooling tower – as today: to give the steam cycle its low pressure end.
 So president Trump can give all the coal miners a job – producing the petrol to power all American cars: it is not going to do anything for the price of crude oil.

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