Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Sucking CO2 from the air

Towns and cities tended to be build on rivers. So if we place a little water driven turbine in the river, we have a massive source of free power: which we can sell off to electrciity users in the city.

Most of the power, we use to drive pumps, that circulate city air through the river. The C)2 is taken out, as carbolic acid
1 CO2+H2O->H2CO3
Algea and plants in the river will turn this into biomass, and oxygen.
2 mH2CO3+n(H2O)+TU->Cm(H2O)n+(m+n)/2H2
So hwe water turbulence acts in place of sun light. This is the system in the deep, where bacteria use deep sea turbulence to power massive ecosystems, in the areas we expect to be devoid of life: they aren't – go look.
The CO2 ends up in the sea, as waves sink the CO2 from the air naturally. We just increase life in the rivers – so more fres hwater fish.

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