Tuesday, 24 January 2017

SLS MediaCity

Using the recording studio
Oasis got EU money, on condition is opened u pthe facilities, like the recording studio to the community. But there is nio possibility of this – as nobody knows how the recording studio works (there is a music producer at St Clements – but he has his own facilities).
I live near the Oasis, and have an M.Eng – though we only did one afternoon on audio engineering. So I would be interested in instruction, so I could offer the faclities to community groups- or even do part timer, paying work for SLS.

SLS are School Lettings Solutions – facebook 'SLSatOasisMediaCityUK'
Schools Letting Solutions
Oasis Academy MediaCity UK
King Williajm St
Salford M50 3UQ

0161 825 0051

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