Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Replacing Fossil Fuels

A 1m row of gas or oil burners releases 45kW of heat and covert 99% of the Fossil Fuels into CO2. 100% of the CO2 is taken in by plants and bacteria on the land and sea, and converted into biomass within 5 minutes.
So the CO2 level in the global air is an average of 2 parts per million – its pre-industrial level. So higher CO2 levels are produces at Fossil Fuels flame s- and are transient and miniscule. The important number is the global; average – and that has been static since levels fell as the little ice age ended
Levels are high in a natural ice-age, or above the Poles. So burning the Fossil Fuels has increased the life on Earth, and not increased the average CO2 level in the global air: I repeatedly, levels are higher over the poles.
So burning Fossil Fuels does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 CH4+pO2 ->CO2+r(H2O-E)+s(He2++O2++4e-+E3+L+X-ray)
So visible light can only be produced by nuclear reactions – here Molecular Nuclear Fusion. AS there is no source of nuclear fission.
The metabolism of CO2 does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
2 mCO2+(n+r)H2O+sO2 ->(CmH2O-E)+s(He+O3+E2)
I pointed this out in 2001, and 4 years later all work on Global Warming has ceased. And no academic work on man-made Climate Change has ever been undertaken by scientists without mental health problems.
The natural climate has been cooling since 1995 – as not explained by nuclear power, and its Global Warming.
So a steam plasma is a lightening strike. Which releases 8.6MW from a 2cm wide steam plasma. This teaches us a 50x1cm steam plasma at 4 atmospheres releases a constant 1.2MW from 5x10-19cc of regular water a year. No Fossil Fuels burn. No CO2.
No hyper toxic uranium fission: a process so toxic it needs insurance of 100 billion per PWR/nuclear plant: no nuclear plant has the legally required insurance – they are operating illegally.
But the garage hobbyist can fire up a 50x1cm steam plasma tube, and do Molecular Nuclear Fusion
3 H++e- ->n0
4 16O2++4n0->8H++2e-
5 H++r n0->Er3+L+X-ray
6 H2O+TU->Er3+L+X-ray no CO2. Not plutonium or strontium – no continental toxic death: like from Windscale, 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl or the more serious Fukishima.
Fukishima happened in Tokyo. And will end up with 20 million more rapid, agonising death from cancer, heart disease and mental health problems.
So Molecular Nuclear Fusion is 64 times as energetic as toxic uranium fission. And totally non-toxic. No radioactive waste. From regular water.
We utilise a source of steam, and the started from a fluorescent light. And get 1.2 MW of heat – whereas Fossil Fuels burning take twice the size of 'burner', and produces 45kW, and 20,000L of CO2.
OPEC invested money in publishing the Global Warming invented by the paid stooges to nuclear power – as lower volumes of oil shipped, equate to high prices. A free quota reduction.
They did not think nuclear fusion was easy, simple and here: nature has a lightening strike ever 3 minutes, that releases 2.5x1030W of heat into nature. With no toxic, radioactive isotope – and we have all seen it.
Visible light can only be produced by nuclear fusion – as we have no source of nuclear fission here.

Which teaches us, photosynthesis releases X-rays and gamma waves. So 12C ->14C. Which is the whole basis of carbon dating – when was the carbohydrate last around photosynthesis.

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