Saturday, 28 January 2017

hydrogen explosion

Sent to my PhD supervisor
On undergraduate practical day, get a cylinder of CO2, and pass it into a chamber filled with steam – from the department steam line.
Draw out some gas, and cool in liquid water. The gas which remains will be methane and oxygen.
1 CO2+2H2O->CH4+2O2 at 370oC, and 1 atmosphere.
You can have a higher temperature – but only lower pressures.
When we add a source of flame, we will get a thermonuclear reaction.
2 CH4+O2->CO2+2He+E2 or->CO2+2H2O-E

You have just proved methane production, and Molecular Nuclear Fusion. So nearly free natural gas, and nuclear fusion. Note: there is no chemical source of visible light or X-rays – we get off.
 So the same equation – but sodium takes in heat to fission to H – water is the better option.
Now the electrolysis of 1 mole of water takes in 237.13 kJ. But when we burn the Hydrogen back to water 2.937 kJ of energy. So we get out 15 times more energy. Interesting.
 A high pressure jet onto a Ti boiler rod gives us 50 times more energy. So nuclear fusion in a high school biology lab.

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