Saturday, 21 January 2017

Giving the world nuclear fusion

The great Hadron collider – with 1 modification. The bidding for the GHC was largely based on doing nuclear fusion. Nd it hasn't! A total waste of 100 billion a year research money.
The answer was given me in 2001, by Dr Z: who has distanced himself from the idea – as his funders were nuclear power. And nuclear fusion destroys all case for doing hyper toxic uranium fission: a process so toxic, it needs 100 billion insurance, per plant, per year. It doesn't have it.
Fukishima has for ever bankrupted Japan – the second richest country in the world. It is remarkably simple. Linear motion of H ions, was never going to do nuclear fusion.
The sun user fluid turbulence in a H plasma. Where the ions interact at above 1 W. This is ten feet of water – it is not a huge force. It will cause H ions to fuse. Read

Scholarly articles for turbulence force interaction equation

On Google.
So for the GHC we have circulating H ions – H+. We need to induce turbulence. We have large magnetic coils, guiding the ions around the torus.
We place perpendicular magnetic fields, to stir the ions clockwise, then anticlockwise as they circulate. So we induce turbulence. As the field will fall by distance3, so the ions close to the edge will circulate fastest, and the ions in the centre least. So we stir the ions.
Now we get nuclear fusion.
1 2H++TU->He2++E
We do not need to heat the ions – they shoot up from room temperature to 3,000oC in 10 seconds.
We lead off ions from the beam of sun light, to heat water, to run a steam cycle. We will get 11 Global Warming of power. 4 will run the UK.
To be honest, the GHC is not a good design. Just too large.
If we have a 1m torus of circulating H ions, we will generate the heat for 120MW. We take off 10W, to do the electrolysis of water, to provide more H+ and e- atomic fragments. We also get O2+, which we earth, and cool – as LOX has high value.
So we want 2 per city – carbon 0 heat. So we waste that 100 billion physics is wasting today.
My supervisor was a doctor of chemical engineering, and he told me this 16 years ago – like it had been worked out 20 years before.
Now science funding agencies will write out a blank cheque for academics to research nuclear fusion. But now actually doing it – it is not hard. Moderate pressure, room temperature. 1M diameter torus. With a commercially source turbine.

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