Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Free NON-TOXIC carbon 0 power

Me thinks, Google didn't understand Pole too well.  I was talking about the North and South Pole.
Not hyper toxic uranium nuclear power. A process so toxic, it needs insurance cover of 100 billion per plant: not available. So nuclear power invented Global Warming, than as the world cooled from 1995, started pushing man-made Climate Change.
All the FF were active biology in pre-history. And within 5 minutes, the burnt Fossil Fuels are taken in and converted into plant biomass.
1 mCO2+(n+r)H2O+UV->(Cm(H2O)n-E)+(He+3O+X-rayE2) So photosynthesis forms He and O gases, and gives out X-rays
So photosynthesis is a type of Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Animals get in on the act
2 Cm(H2O)n+pO2+TU->mCO2+(n-r)H2O+r(He(p-n/2)O2+X-ray+E2)
So with every beat of your heart, your heart and arteries do nuclear fusion. Which is why there is so little heart cancer. The nuclear fusion has a purging effect.
The easiest way for man to do Molecular Nuclear Fusion, is with a seam plasma. The surface temperature is 10millionoC, the bulk temperature is 3,000oC – as shown by fire engine fire tubes, that reach 3,000oC, but do not melt due to the presence of a water bath.
Hence we also need a water bath – to run a steam cycle. A 50x1cm steam plasma tube produces 1.2MW of heat, at 3,000oC, at 4 atmospheres. Read

Scholarly articles for high temperature thermoelectric pads

Even here we need to mix the steam with large volumes of air, to get a temperature of 250oC. We suck the air up a small chimney, into the thermoelectric pads.
These convert temperature into current, with a 2% efficiency. So we get out 48kW. 51 times the power demand of a single house.
We sell the extra current to the national grid at 3000 UK pounds per kW year – 1.2 million annually. The national grid pays us a third of a life times income every year.
Of regular water. We borrow the electrics from a fluorescent light – and once started the plasma runs unpowered. Off 7x10-20cc of regular water a years. We will struggle to measure it.
We start off with 5cc in a spring loaded reservoir, and the electricity will still be generated, as the Earth is swallowed by the sun in 4 billion years time.
The other night I blogged about thermoelectric power and steam plasma tubes, and got 2,000 hits – I used to do well to top 100. It just allows you to turn regular water into massive power and huge income from regular water.
Either in the attic, or an outhouse. You will throw away 1MW of heat to the air – which will affect the climate above you – shoving away the clouds. In hot countries you will run free air conditioning to get a nice cool house.
If we want to sort out the climate, we will melt the Poles. At the North Pole, the polar bars will swim to the nearest land. The ice will melt to water at 3oC – the maximum density of water.
So it will contract, and flows back to the equator. That's right, water expands as it freezes – so it contracts as it melts to cold water. High School physics.
So the Polar cold will flow back, and cool the hot lands. The extra heat will warm the Arctics – and make them lush arable fields, during the short spring and summer. The Arctics already have a very lush spring and summer.
We erect a grid of steam plasma tubes, with a UV phosphor. To replace the missing sub light. So the plant growth will continue all year – gobbling up CO2 from the air.
All the extra Molecular Nuclear Fusion going on will warm the cold areas of the world even more – no more white deserts.
And the hot lands cool. We use vacuum pumps, to suck up sea water 1m. It boils, into pure water. Which we transport to high reservoirs. And irrigate the deserts. We dredge up sea bed, and wash the salt out.
This gives us new soil, we seed and plant seedlings. So the deserts become the lush rain forest they were in the days of the Roman empire. Saudi Arabia fed Rome!
So the great shortage in the future, will be CO2 to support all the plant growth: the Jurassic had 65% more active life than is on Earth today.
Saudi Arabia a lush Rain forest. And we use Molecular Nuclear Fusion to generate all our power. No over priced Fossil Fuels burn. And certainly no hyper toxic, and illegally under insured nuclear power from uranium.

A better, energy cheap future. And the national grid pays us a million a year! OK, just the first to get working steam plasma tubes.

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