Saturday, 14 January 2017

Free farm power

Farms tend to have a river across their land We do ground sonar, and locate the under ground river of water that circles the Earth As I was taught at Sheffield university 1983, this is super heated with heavy metals dissolved in.
So water at 280oC, 8 atmospheres, with gold and platinum dust in – only 34 meters down. So turbine makers arrange for farmers to get bank loads, to drill down to this water.
We give it a slight vent, and get dirty steam at 270oC, 7.8 atmospheres – the dirt being gold, silver, platinum and copper dust. We pass through a ruggardised Dyson dry cleaner, and scrub out the metal power: we sell on to process into ingots. Just so much gold! 26,7000 UK pounds per tonne.
And each bore hole will yield 2,000g a year. Only 52,000 UK pounds – per plant.
We then pass the clean steam through a turbine – hence the interest of the turbine makers. We produce 20kW of carbon 0 power.  Gold has rallied, but is going down again.

We only want 10kW, but the national grid will pay us 6,000 pounds a year. Obviously we want a chain of these plants, and get 600,000 a year. 100 plant. 2MW of carbon 0 power.
Totally safe – no Fossil Fuels burn, or hyper toxic uranium fission. Not even any CO2 to increase plant yields: nature caps CO2 at just 2 parts per million. Higher levels are biological non sense.
Produced by idiots with untreated mental health problems. I am having trouble finding out the total UK farms – it seems to be 2.6 million. Each producing 2MW of power. With no Fossil Fuels burn.
That is 5GW. The total power consumption of the UK is 4.4 GW. So farms can supply more power than we can use. No Fossil Fuels burn. And no hyper toxic uranium nuclear power.

And 13 million tonnes of gold. The world only want 998 tonnes at present. Gold is just about to get so cheap.  EDF going down

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