Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Diabetes CURED

In 1 appointment. We apply High Intensity UltraSound to the lower right of the rib cae, and the inflated viral cells causing diabetes are cleared. I use 8W 1MHz ultrasound, for ½ a minute.

Ultrasonic Cavitation Fat Cellulite Weight Loss Body Slim Machine

  • $25.99
  • or Best Offer
  • From China
I first found this out in 2013 – using the device American medics had proved cleared cancer, in under 1 minute. I thought it would help with diabetes – it cured it.
I later found out type 1 clears only after 3 days. Type 2 instantly.
The disbetes people are caught out 'biochemsitry can't clear it' they protest. Diabetes drugs are defective, and no dr can legally prescribe them.
Or they cease to be a registyered dr, and invalidate their helth insurance – and have to leave medicine for life.
So the devices can be purchased fro 12 UK pounds. A single use clears diabetes – then use it on all you friends with diabetes. There sui no reason anybody now to have diabetes.

No surgery, and no prescriptions legal.

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