Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Free home power

A steam plasma tube!
1 H2O+TU->E3+L+X-ray
With 64times the thermal efficiency of hyper toxic uranium fission, No CO2, but 2.4MW/m from a 1cm steam plasma. Once started, it self sustains at 4 atmospheres.
No Plutonium or strontium. Turning regular water into massive power. This makes over 1MW of power – 3 billion UK pounds a year from the national grid. The UK total power demand of 44Gw. So that is 40,000 1m steam plasma tubes. Generating power in garages all over the country.
The UK has 20 million houses. With over 10 million garages. So we need 1 grade in 20,000 running a steam plasma tube – then no conventional power and no nuclear.
Every nuclear plant needs insurance of 100 billion. Not commercially available – which is why Fukishima as bankrupted the second richest country on Earth for ever.
We produce no solid waste. The hydrogen ions and extractions bond to form neutrons. These burn the oxygen ions into 8 hydrogen ions, and burns the hydrogen into massive energy, with a little light and X-rays.
Clean, safe, carbon neutral energy. And it is so efficient, each tube uses 2x10-18cc of regular water a decade. No oil, gas, coal or enriched uranium.
And no radioactive waste to deal with – Sellafield is the worst biggest repository of fission waste. One decent Earthquake, and the North of the UK is uninhabitable for 100,000 years. And Cumbria has frequent Earthquakes.
So we turn regular water into massive heat – with no cO2. And each plant will cost under 50k, and par back in 8 hours. Steam plasma tube are basically an open cheque book.
Hinkley A planning permission ran out in 1990. Hinkley B was an illegal extension, to a plant which was demolished in 2006. Sizewell B NEVER had its own planning permission – so its operation was illegal always.
It is illegal – so it can never be extended. British Nuclear pews a legal fine of 3 billion for Sizewell. And Hinkley has amassed jail time of 3 millennia.
So the Chinese owners needs to pay the fines, and then hold full Royal commissions. Which out these, the British army are under legal imperative to STOP and Hinkley C from being built. It will never get operating permission.
So the Chinese owners will never build it – as it will NEVER start. Theresa May has no legal powers – only the Royal Commission would have.
But the lack of adequate insurance means it is an open and shut 'Permission refused'.
Meanwhile is a non toxic energy system, that requires no insurance – as a tap with an electric hammer will collapse the tube, stop the plasma and halt the nuclear fusion and H fission.

A steam plasma tube will heat and power 8000 homes – no CO2 or toxic radioactive waste. As I told Sheffield University 2001.

Nuclear Fusion By Waterfall

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Nuclear Fusion By Waterfall
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