Sunday, 6 November 2016

Best cup of tea

We brew up the tea under pressure – 4 atmospheres will have liquid water at 120oC, and that is the best flavour. After 5 minutes, we tabk off into a large vat.We strain out the tea leaves at this stage.
Now we have a vcuum pump, and this reduces the pressure, unti lthe water begins to boil at 30oC. When we are down to 0C, we are left with a drown instant tea.
We take off, and produce it in jars. Now ½ a teaspoon will produce the best cup of tea. Instant, with no tea bag or waiting time.
Train stations will love it – no dispencign of a cup and tea bag – which produces a weak insipid cup of tea.

Instant tea will produce a fatastic drink. Wtih no mess. The probability is that somebody like Liptons will take over from PG Tips, who do not want development. The consumer does.

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