Thursday, 13 October 2016

Life eats carbon

Plants take in CO2, to build plant biomass. And more plants mean more O2 and animals. So it is a dynamic balance. More CO2 in the environemnt, and we get more life.
We do not get more CO2 in the air, as that is biologically impossiblem Plants and bnacteria grow – converting CO2 in the cabohydrates animal bodies are built from.
1 mCO2+(n+r)H2O+rO2->Cm(H2O-E)n+r(He+O+Er2)
So biology and chemistry says Global Warming is rubbish. The seas are buffered by calciuum hydrate, so CO2 CAN'T affect the Ph neutrality of the seas.
So as natural rain fall is increasing as the world COOLS this will irigate the dry lands, so we get more plants and animals alive.
We can help this process – as as hurricanes etc. only form with air temperatures above 30oC, we also reduce the NATURAL twister formation – it is on a natural cycle. Undisturbed since before man evolved.
So we have a 1m2 solar pannel, and this sucks sea OR RIVER water up 1m. It boild at 98cm. So we get pure water vapour – no salts or contaminants. Pure water.
We have a chain of 10cm solar pannels, to transport 50,000 L of water vapour to higher ground. Paid for by the UN – as it is far cheaper to prevent famines, than feed the starving.
We make the whole of Ethiopia lush and green. It use to be in pre-history. We irrigate the horn of Africa – to also maek it lush.
We dredge up sea floor, and wash the salt out in esturies, We arande a grid ot soil squartes, seeded with grass seed, over the new irigate land. We pplant seedlings at field coundaries – to stablise the soil.
Grass is better than trees at fixing CO2. The whole natural world is supported by plants and bacteria taking in CO2, building carbohydrates and excreting O2. The Cretaceous mass extinction was caused by too little CO2 in the air – only 1 part per million.
Life only recovered, as more animals evolved to eat plants, and breathe in their waste gas – O2. So carbon taxes are stupid. CO2 levels are capped at 2ppm – their preindustrial level.
Higher levels are 'scientific' fabrication: Even in cities, we have plants, who gobble up the rush hour CO2 surge, back down to 2ppm. So the statosphere does not see a carbon spike.
It is totally unbaware there ever was an industrial revolution. So burning the Fossil Fuels re-establishes life on Earth – and has no possible weather effect.
We can use small solar pumps, to suck pre warter out of sea or brown water. To re-establish lush rain forests where now there are deserts. Which will gobble up CO2 – so we will decrease crop yields in the temporate areas of the world – only so much carbon to go around.
We can seed the sea with missing minerals – but we do it so as not to cause a toxic algal bloom. New Zealand showed the way, adding Phosphorous to the Pacific. We so increase sea life – and fish stocks.
So there could never be an increase in global CO2. Today CO2 is higher above the Arctics. Which have twice the CO2 as the rest of the Earth. It gets down to -50oC.
The mineral record shows that CO2 doubles in a natural ice age. 1 ice age in the Jurassic lated 50 million years. With CO2 at 8ppm. It did not have temperatures of over 150oC: it was an ice age.

Carbon follows the weather – it doubles in a cold period. 4 years after the climate cools. CO2 increases life on Earth – as Sir David Attenboroug knows.

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