Monday, 10 October 2016

Diabetes 'game' over 2013

In 2008 I published the idea of using High Intensity UltraSound to clear the hardened structure causing diabetes – in the same way external application of HIUS clears ALL cancers.
Biochemistry is a defective, criminal idea for cancer – that usually kills the person within 2 years: HIUS cures them at 1 session.
I use a 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device as my HIUS source – effective in clearing diabetes in 1 30 seconds application to the lower right of the rib-cage.
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Type 2 diabetes clears instantly – no Dr or hospital involvement. Their biochemical prescriptions are defective, criminal medicine – striking the Dr off, and leading to a criminal trial.
So any Dr prescribing drugs for the last 18 years for diabetes – never again a Dr. Their insurance is invalid, and they must leave medicine. Returning all wages and pension they were not entitled to. Their pension is now void.
Likewise with any Dr working on an artificial pancreas. The Hippocratic oath dismisses any Dr working on diseases already cured – and diabetes was: though Dr.s refused to use the cure.
So we had the NHS rushing around, trying to find the missing diabetics. Consult your notes – they are cured. Without any involvement from a Dr or hospital.

HIUS also cures cancers, heart disease, mental health problems, asthma and arthritis. No doubt the NHS will rush around trying to find the missing cancer patients. Who are in the Cup for 5 a side football.

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