Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Al the fool

Tim 'So Al, the world is cooling and getting wetter'
Al 'Eactly as I said “warner if higher seas”'
Tim 'But is there is more rain, there is more evaporation from the seas'
Al 'So the world is getting wetter'
Tim 'Do try listening”Cooler with more rain”'
Al 'Look who won an Oscar and Nobel here'
Tim 'For predicting the weather would get warmer, when it is cooling. Higher sea when the extra rain come from sea evaporation'
Al 'We don't know that!'
Tim 'The world is a closed system – more rain LOWER sea'
Al 'Factor in the carbon fairies – they can introduce more rain and HIGHER sea'
Tim 'Are you up t odate on your mental health medication?'
Al 'Nearly'
Tim 'In the REAL world more rain lower sea'
Al 'That is just high school science! If I blame all the weather on CO2, nuclear power gives me loads of money.'
Tim 'Yuo are nto worried beinmg paid by the most toxic industry on earth, and talking bollocks about the hatural world?'
Al 'Do I lookj it?'
Tim 'So after 2009, sciuentsits are talking abouyt the arrival of the next ice age'
Al 'CO2'
Tim 'So the static trace gas which supports all life on Earth, was meant to warm and dry the airt, cooled and wetted it will now cause a amssive freeze'

Al 'Don't blame me – what ever nuclear power says, comes out of my face anus'

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