Monday, 5 September 2016

Power that pays YOU

A 50x1cm steam plasma tbe filled with steam, will produce a contant 1.2 MW of heat. We turn into 200kW, using a small tubrbine. The national grid will pay ys 600k a year.

We use a bonfire to boil off water, and hand crant the steam into a glass tube – venting the lighter air.
We then use a hand crack, to generate a bit of electricity, and drive a radiant strip in the tube. This liberates IR light and electrons. These electrons ricoche around the steam, until we get a direct hydrogen nucleus electron interaction.
1 p+.x n0+e- ->(x+1)n0 p+.x n0+=H+
A level physics – we crush the hydrogen nucleays and electron into neutrons. These neutrons crash around the tube, setting up a steam plasma.
2 16O2++n0 ->8H++6e-
These electrons crush another 6 hydrogens into neutrons. So once started, we turn off the radiant strip. Only firing it up again, if we want more heat and power.

All the price support done by spending Saudi foreign reserves undone.
We build up to 2 1mx2cm tubes, and generate 17.2 MW of power. And get 21.6 million annually.
Each 50cm steam plasma tube uses 3x10-28cc of regular water a year. No Fossil Fuels burn. And certainly no hyper toxic nuclear fission.

Each uranium nuclear plant carries just 50 million of insurance – then need 100 billion. So the power station regular should have issued immediate stop orders in 1986.
Sell worthless EDF shares
10 years in jail for each plant manager ahd a 10 million fine – for 30 years. British nuclear owe the British tax payer 1.8 billion in fines. There will never be a Hinckley C – it could never get insurance.
So the UK governement5 would never issue an operating license – or pay for the plant.

Sizewell B is the biggest illegality in histry. Stop it now!
So a steam plasma tube produces no solid waste. And is 64 times as efficent thermally as a uranium fission tube. Frow regular water.
So remote settlements can set up free power. For £27k. With no running cost. Any house owner can do the same – and get 360k as an annual income from the national grid.

Do it in your garage – it will ony ltake an hour. Get the turbnie over the internet.

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