Friday, 9 September 2016

Medical ignorance

Ignorance of new medical developments is cause for instant striking off from the medical register. Which explains why no medic has ever expressed ignorance of HIUS.
It is so easy to verify in your local vet, they whole world is satisfied HIUS cires cancer. Take an 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device along to your local vet at weekend, and cure terminal cancer animals.
Vets have to allow you – due to the vet's pledge. Adn my cure of the dog called Morag, 3 months ago. I have also cured human of post operable liver cancer. Sop here is your cast iron proof.
So radio therapy was unethical, criminal medicine. No academic medic was permitted to teach biochemistry and cancer from 2002.

All graduating student's had their Hippocratic oath invalidated. Adn biochemistists should have been dismissed 14 years ago – return all unethical wages, and leave medicine to face criminal trial.

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