Saturday, 10 September 2016

Cooling the hot lands

There are large areas of the world, that even after 21 years of nATURAL climate cooling, are still too hot. So we can use some 18th century science.
We taek a pure gas, like ammonia. We pressurise it – and it gets hot. This happesn to the valve, as we pump a tire up – it is called adiabatic heating. Watch
We we lose the heat to the sea or large lake. Bubble of steam rise into the high air, and form natural clouds – so cooling the hot lands directly. And increasing natural rain falls. So plants will ove it – greadilt gobbling up all the CO2 they can get.
This is why there is a pre-industrial 2 parts per million CO2 in the air. A static trace gas affects nothing! So proponents of man-made Climate Change are obviously deficient in basic high school biology.
The Cretacious mass extinction happeend as CO2 fell to just 1 ppm – and 90% of life on Earth died. Onyl recovering as more animasl evolved. To eat plant matter, and breath in the O they excreted.
Global Warming was nuclear fiction from people with unmediated mental health problems, for the stupid to belive – so you never did – obviously.
So we vent the compression heat to the seas, so when we vbent the pressurewe get a larger volume of air at lower temperature.
So halving the gas pressure will cool it by 80oC. This is 1st year physics. Whown t oall the 'scientists' who dreapt up Global Warming.
So we pass thjis gas dwon one chaneel in a large enclosed helix. Down the other channel we draw hto air – which is cooled drastically. It preciptitates loads of pre water, and leaves as cold dry air.
We do this at the top of a valley, so the cold air sweeps down the valley. We collect the water, and add it to a 'river' we have cut. Cold air, loads of sun with fresh water.
Plants will like it – the only problem being the low amount of CO2 in the natural air. The warm water flows back to the Poles, warming the cold lands on the way – for free.
So we increase natural rain fall, and turn what is now deserts back into lush arable areas. And the science is 280 years old – and nearly free.
The turbine should produce excess power – which we turn into mains power, and sell. Power will no CO2, or hyper toxic uranium nuclear power.

I told this to chemical engineering at Sheffield University 2001 – they ended the PhD, as they were studying Global Warming, 5 years after the world climate started COOLING.

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