Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Warming the North Pole

The other year, Russia was thinking about siting a massive solar reflector in outer space, to warm Siberia. They were talked out of it be cause of Global Warming. The world climate has been coolind for 21 years – so Climate Change is actually natural global warming.
Plants have turned the burnt Fossil Fuels, back into active biomass – CO2 levels are so obviously static – due to photosymthessi on the land and in the seas.
CO2 goes up ni a ntural ice-age, as snow covers the land, and ice the seas. Greenland was lush and green in Viking days – as the natural heat flows to the poles was greater. And seas lower.
The ice caps tie up cold in the Arctics – cold we would rather flowed back to the equator – to cool the hot lands down – naturally.
So the Russian idea would have heated up Siberia, and cooled the hto countires. So iuncreased life on Earth.
The simplest way to add heat to the snow lands, is have a network of steam plasma tubes. Lightening uses a steam plasma, to generate massive heat, light and X-rays – as it does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+TU ->He2++O2++4e-+L+X-ray
5 tonnes of He gas every 3 minutes, through out the year. Included over the arctics. 2.5x1030W of heat and light.

So we set up a network of 50x1cm steam plasma tubes 3m off the group, below reflectors – so all the heat and X-rays hits the ground.
So the snow melts, and we can set up farms, that are growing 24hrs a day. We will evaporate a lot of the water, so the ice lands will warm, wet and become lighter.
So above the Arctic, CO2 spikes at 4 parts per million in the dark months – twice the global average. So 24 hour heat and light, with loads of natural rain – plants will love it.
Meanwhile the snow melts to water at 0oC, mixes with sa water, and slows back to the equator at 3oC – the maximuum density of water.
So as the ice melts, it shrinks! So maknig sea levels fall. All the extra rain in the Arctics, takes water out of the seas. Making them fall more.
Polar bears actually service well in the warmer weather – as they are actually a dirty light brown. They can swim – the do not need ice.
So more life, lower seas and gobble up the CO2. The tubes will self sustain, using 0.25x10-18cc of regular water a year. So we have a small spring loaded reservoir, that is not empty, when the tube has worn out.
It goes without saying, we can use steam plasma tubes in place oif oil burners – that only release 0.045kW/m. Steam plasma tubes release 800kW, from a 1mx0.5cm tube.
Used ultrasound to sort out my squint

All the extra cold water will improve the air conditioning in the hot countries – for free.

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