Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Ultimate clean energy

Water from the seas and rivers of the Earth, filters down until it reaches the Earth's mantel. There is does a simmer – doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion. It lubricates the mantel plates, and will simmer. So it does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+TU+O2->2H+O32+E3+L+X-ray
So this means the deep Earth has light flash illumination – just like dark rain storms. At it produces helium and ozone.
So the mantel glows like a little sun – but nobody sees it.
The heat is lost to the bottom of the seas. Which is why the deep water does not freeze. And the poles freeze over in the winter, and thaw from the top in summer.
So the Earth's interior is a massive source of fusion heat: just not very accessible. But it heats the geothermal river to 250oC, 8 bars. At which temperature and pressure, it leaches heavy metals from the mantel – and we are talking gold, silver, platinum, copper – but also arsenic and lead.
Around the Earth surface are mantel pockets, where the steam collects, until it finds a way out, and we get a volcanic eruption or Earthquake. We can use ground sonar around dormant or active volcanoes, and find the driving mantel pocket. or we can go along and find the driving metal pockets along tectonic boundaries – and stop Earth quakes.
We actually drill down, and enter from below. So we get access to pressurised, hot water – with gold and the rest in.
We vent to 7.8 bars, and the water boils. We pass it through a aggrandised Dyson dry cleaner, and remove all solids. They are why this water has never been used to generate power.
Now we have clean steam, and we generate 40 MW of free, clean power. And get 15kg of gold a day. Gold is at £32,874 per gram. So we are going to get £47,000 a day.

And we stop volcanoes. And we burn no Fossil Fuels, and do no hyper toxic uranium fission: This toxc process requires 100 billion per nuclear plant. No insurance above 1 billion is available.
So all uranium fission should stop now – it is illegal. And here we have a free carbon 0 energy source, that produces gold.

And the Earth is so huge, we may just about stop Earthquakes – otherwise nature will not notice. We stop a build up of steam – nature replaces the steam we use.

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