Sunday, 7 August 2016

Tattoo fixing

Another boy jab my hand with a fountain pen when I was 12. And for the next 37 years I walked around with a mark on my finger.
Then I had an ultrasound massage device – which emits ultrasound at the level physiotherapists use to remove scaring to your limbs.
So I applied it to my hand, tree times. No more mark. Tattoos work by injecting die into body cells. AS they do not harm, the damaged cells are allowed to remain.
If we apply what the Americans term High Intensity UltraSound, the body clears all damaged cells.
This is so useful. You can correct any organ damaged, by 20 applications of HIUS. Or you can remove 'David bonks me to heaven' from your backside – as it puts Neil off his stroke.
It makes facial repair easy

Business people can remove the embarrassing marks of their youth – delete tattoos. It turns out, tattoos don't needn't be for ever.

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