Friday, 19 August 2016

Ordsall Hall

Last week I found us a supplier of Tudor ices to take to Ordsall Creative Writers, We are helping to organise medieval festival on Sept. 11th. I did not order them – as I thought they were a bit pricey.
On Wednesday John got me expelled from the group for exceeding my powers. I was not allowed to speak in my defence.
I have since found and e-mailed the enquiry email to three members of the writing group: showing that there never was, or would be an order.
I did nothing! So John (Who is getting paid for the Ordsall Hall event) got me expellel from the writers group.
I did nothing. I have been a friend to the group and its members. All I did was a Google search, to bring back the information to the group.
I am appalled that 3 of my fiends voted to expel me – for doing NOTHING. All funded and supervised by the National Lottery amd its lawyers.

I am just a disabled man, trying to live a life.

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