Monday, 8 August 2016

Nuclear illegal

After Chernobyl every nuclear plant needed insurance of 40 billion: they actually has 50 million of cover.
So in the UK the Power Station regulator had the legal imperative to issue immediate stop orders in 1986. Or get 600 years jail time, and 10 million fine for ever year of illegal operation – and there has been 30, for each of the 20 nuclear plants in the UK.
No choice – it is the law! No biologically impossible Global Warming as an excuse. No valid insurance, no British Nuclear. The Chinese have been trying to offload British Nuclear – as EDF did onto them. No takers.
After Fukishima the required insurance is 100 billion – the most toxic process that will ever be allowed on Earth.
EDF is interesting, as the national regulators all over the world MUST stop nuclear plants with insufficient insurance. All uranium nuclear plants.
Plants take in CO2, down to just 2 parts per million to support all life on Earth. So the global CO2 is a pre-industrial 2ppm. Man's additional daily 0.00004% has no affect on anything – other that to increase plant yields by 15% since the industrial revolution.
So that is where the burnt Fossil Fuels went – back into active biology: ask any high school biology teacher. 'Scientists' and reporters unaware of this, should not be employed anywhere, to do anything. Never to say the words Climate and Change in the same paragraph.
So photosynthesis has left a static trace of CO2 in the global air since before the industrial revolution. Levels are higher above the Poles, or in a natural ice-age.
The Jurassic had 1 ice-age, lasting 650 million years. With 4 times as much CO2 in the air. Natural ice-ages also increase CO2 levels. There is a global average of 2ppm CO2 in the global air.

Meanwhile, all the planets in the solar system are in a warming phase. Linked to solar cycles – nothing to do with man.

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