Thursday, 4 August 2016

Morag cured?

Because of the size of the Westie dog, only 10 seconds of High Intensity UltraSound should have cleared here cancer.
She tolerated ½ a minute over here surgery scar: the Vet here should be removed from Veterinarian service, as cancer surgery has been defective human and animal medicine for 14 years. I was glad to see the endocrinologist no longer worked for the Vet: or any vet for that matter – he broke the Veterinarian pledge: like the Hippocratic oath for Dr.s. So any Dr using 20th century medicine – no longer a Dr – for life.
She tolerated 20 seconds over her lymph node – which then got hot! Which means it was clearing secondaries.
This will have set up the immune system to clear cancer cells through the brain and body: dog lack the blood brain barrier of human, so no HIUS to the head essential – for ½ a minute.
So Morag is off to the Vets to be X-rayed: vets do not use ultrasound, as ever an ultrasound scan may clear the cancer.
Certainly mu ultrasound massage device will

So I will keep you posted.

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