Thursday, 25 August 2016

Jeremy did wrong

There is a rule in politics. If you do stuff wrong, and get caught out, own up. The public might forgive you. What you don't do, is try and deflect into another area.
So Jeremy Corbyn state a video on a train, t omaek out a half ful ltrain was over-crowded. But the train had CCTV, being recorded. Abd Jeremy was seen walkngi by empty, non reserved seats, and CHOSE to sit on the floor by the guards carrriage.
He waws asked about this on a meeting he had cells about the NHS. Nobody was intereted in the NHS now. So did he own up to what he had done.
No. 'Let's get back to the NHS' he declared. By then the whole country, even jeremy's supporters were thinknig 'What a slimy liar'. All ccredit to him – he has given us a new phrase. 'To do a Jeremy' is a self serving lie.
We thought politicians often did this anyway. But he did it better.

'To do a Jeremy'

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