Thursday, 25 August 2016

Jeremy Corbyn is a liar

And nobody votes for liars.
He wwas shown on thLondon to York serivece, wandering through a reserved carriage- the feets occupied by a reserved tap, and a coat or bag. Before the first stop in York. Jeremy had not thought to reseve a seat, in this age of the internet, as he bought his ticket.
Then he wabdered through unreserced carriages – with free double seats: if you wanted to sit with somebody. Again, if this was so vital, you book the ****ing seat.
Since privatisation, money has been invested in improving rolling stock – never under national British Rail.
So Jeremy st on the floor, turning down a free seat in first class. Nobody refuses such a free offer.
Jeremy made his video about train over crowding, then the CCTV shown him strolling into the first carriage, and sitting in the first free double seat – by the door.
 Politicians must be honest. NOBODY alive will now vote for Jeremy. Nixon would have suspending this guy's party membership because
1 He was not American
2 He was not a republican
3 He was a lying bast***

Donald Trump take note: keep it honest.

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Jonathan Thomason said...

Come on guys - somebody defend this b****ard