Saturday, 13 August 2016

Global Warming cured 2001

That year I told Sheffield University how to cool the exit steam using a Carnot heat pump – returning 85% of he system heat to the boiler.
The same power for 1/9th of the fuel. Power generation is 40% of the CO2 released from man's machines – which is only 0.00004% of the total CO2 in the day time air.
I also told them that plants take in CO2 within 5 minutes – to do photosyntheis. Building carbohydrates from the CO2. So burning the Fossil Fuels restores life to the Earth.
Life that died in the mass extinctions of prehistory.
Prehistory is interesting, as the Jurassic had twice the level of CO2 in the air, sea levels 60 meters LOWER, with 65% more active biology, in the warm periods.
The Jurassic had 3 natural ice-ages. One lasting 650 million years – with 4 times the level of CO2 in the air.
CO2 rose to Jurassic levels before the industrial revolution – in the little ice-age.
Global Warming and the later Climate Change were science fiction from nuclear power. That no rational scientist could ever believe!

Luckily all the Global Warming scientists have now retired, to get help with their untreated mental health problems. The world climate started cooling 1995.

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Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion every day using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam! Hence the massive amount of helium gas in the global air.

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