Monday, 1 August 2016

Give back the vet money

Like all practising Dr, all vets kn oew from 2002 that a single application of High Intensity UltraSound cleared all cancers. In under 1 minute.
Yet continued to use surgery, chemo and radi otherapy plus biochemical treatments – all defective medicine that usually killed within 2 years.
This is unethical and sismisses the Dr of vet from ever working in medicine ever again. Dr.s have killed ¼ a billion patients.
The families have a clain for 10 million, and the Dr gets 25 years in jail: each Dr of the medical team – and the killing goes on. Consultants have stepped in, to carry on prescribing and killing.
All Dr.s or consultants are now barred from the health service, must repayr all wages back to 2002, ,and wait criminal tiral.
Vet surgeries must discharge the defective vets – they are barred from life from working with animals. And must repay all monies from defective medicine – over 14 years.
Most of this cash has been funneled through pet plan. Who now turn out to be a totally criminal outfit.
A suitable HIUS device is

The damge for everty pet killed horribly – that is a matter for the lawyers. I would suggest 4 million.

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