Monday, 15 August 2016

Did 'Global Warming' fiction cause Fukishima

Without Global Warming and Climate Change, Japan might have closed down its nuclear power 1988. Plants take in CO2 to grow, limiting free CO2 at only 2 parts per million.
Levels above the Arctics and in a natural ice age are higher 4ppm! So CO2 follows increase ice and snow.
All rational scientists knew this in 1986 – the year nuclear power started promoting Global Warming, to distract froim Chernobyl.
Each nuclear plant now needed insurace of 40 billion – but nuclear used Global Warming to distract from this.
Then the world climate started cooling – so Climate Change is actually NATURAL global cooling.
Without climate 'scientists' spouting rubbish about CO2, Fukishima would not have happeend. The 20 million fatalities in the next decade in Asia would not have happened.
The scientists have moved int oother research areas – and don't like to talk about how they helped kill 20 million people – only 1/3rd of WW II.

An nuclear power wants to build a new plant of death just behind your house. They don't care they are the most fatal industry ever. Even worse than making guns and bullets.

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