Friday, 12 August 2016

Clearing heart disease

Coronary heart disease arises from the inappropriate bacterial structure, left behind from a bacterial infection.
This bacterial rump is cleared by High Intensity UltraSound to the top left of the chest and the kidneys. I suggested HIUS to the coronary arteries in 2008, but I did not know about the importance of the kidneys.
So since 2012, ever GPs surgery has got to use the HIUS machine, licensed for physiotherapist use. This will clear scaring – included burns – even to the face.
No GP is ethically allowed to prescribe biochemistry – one defective medicine, as HIUS clears the heart disease in on session.
I confirmed this in my church health group 2013 – published on the internet. ½ a minute of the below devise, at full power.

I cleared all 6 patients of the disease. The 2012 paper was a 20 person trial, by medics. All heart medication became defective medicine.
No registered medic is allowed to work on defective medicine – so all people who did, ceased to be Dr.s.
No GP has been allowed OT prescribe medication for the last 4 years. Those that did were instantly struck off – invalidating their medical insurance.
Every days medicine, medical malpractice. Ever resulting death, 25 years in jail and a fine of 10 million.

A 1 appointment total cure BEST MEDICINE. Copy this to every medic in you address note, please. They should already have read this.

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