Tuesday, 2 August 2016

BREXIT for British workers

People in the UK voted for BREXIT, to safeguard British jobs, and ensure funding for the NHS: rather than give money to Europe, we could use it on the health of British people.
I have talked at length about High Intensity UltraSound clearing cancer – medically proved 14 years ago: no expensive, agonising descent into a biochemically assisted death.
So no Dr or consultant can use radio or chemo therapy, biochemical treatments or surgery for cancer – or for the last 14 years ceased to be a Dr.

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Invalidating their health insurance, and be barred for life from Hospitals all over the world. In the UK, consultants are using such defective medicine, to make loads of money while giving their patients the worst death known to man. They are not doctors. And ceased to be 14 years ago.
They say they are super ethical – and yet have not removed themselves from the medical register – and have tricked the NHS and other people into paying them a wage – while being mass murderers.
Return the wages, and face criminal trial – and automatic multi thousand year jail terms: the most serious criminals in history. Retirement does not protect these mass murderers from justice. 25 years in jail, and 10 million for every patient deliberately killed.
And the killing continues. Under 1 minute of 8 W 1 MHz ultrasound will clear all cancers – as every Dr on Earth has confirmed personally.
So now employers are protesting, the exit of all the East European workers with BREXIT. They will have to employ British workers at higher cost. That is what we all voted for.
British job for British people. As soon as possible. Next employers will protest we no longer have European elections. We very few of us bothered with those anyway – which is why Neil Kinnock got elected!

The house of Lords is not happy – those were their jobs for the buys. Which is also why we voted BREXIT. The British people have spoken! The Lords are not elected – and few would ever be elected.

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