Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Biggest damages ever

High Intensity UltraSound cures cancers, heart disease and diabetes: ask any Dr, if they are not aware of the science published in 2002, they cease to be Dr.s.
So Dr.s applying defective biochemistry have avoidedly, and dedliberately killed ¼ a billion of their own patietns. 10 million per patient – that is 400 tillion. 3 times the total wealth of the planet.
In the UK, Dr.s own patients families 40 trillion – and the killing carries on.
Cancer Research that it pays Dr.s to research biochemistry. How? Since 2002 biochemistry has been defective, fatal medicne – and no Dr is allowed to work on it – this includes medica lprofessors – who caused to be registered Dr.s and employed in health, the first time they engaged with defective medicine 2002.
Theri own professional oath: to leave medicine the first time they used defective medicine. So it is wriong they ever due a wage, whne they HAD to remove themselves from the medical register.
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 Hospitals have to bar them from entry – as all medicine they do si medical malpratice.
To cure you own cancer see my other posts, and get the below device. Medically licensed – no medurous Dr required.

All consultants are now ineligible to dispense medicine. All of Harvey St in London, and St Peter's Square in Manchester. Astringency made 120 billion, by killing its patients.

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