Monday, 22 August 2016

Banned for doing a Google search

2 weeks ago, John E., my creative writing group leader was talking about ices, for an evernt we re organising at Ordsall Hall, Sept 11th. Don't go!
I took in my enquiry details, I had cancelled, as John said he had an icea maker who would give him 10% of profits. I am sure it is all above board. The National Lottery should check – as they are funding it all.
So I went int othe group, was forbidden from talking, and John said I had ordred the ices. Despite we Saying in the message saying this was an enquiry only.
So the group expelled me for doing a Google search. His internet service comes from Google.
So John, from the Labour NEC, bullied a disabled man – just trying to live his life. My solicitor, Hugh Jones Solicitors, have been ibn touch with Ordsall Hall. This is not a fit guy to do anything.

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