Friday, 1 July 2016

Limb and joint repair + clear arthritis

Physiotherapists have been publishing papers about this subject for 35 years. Use High Intensity UltraSound to fix scarring and joint problems.
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Like arthritis in the knees, elbows and hips – no surgery ethically allowed – Dr.s have personally perfied, and must use HIUS.
 Every health centre on Earth has a 8W 3 MHz ultrasound device (A TENs machine) specifically licensed for this purpose. Every Dr. has verified, and must use HIUS. Not to do so is criminal.
 Arthritis is caused by small spherical bacterial structures in the joints. AS these are over-inflated in order to grow, application of HIUS externally to the joints clears the problem. The condition is very mobile – I have found 3 applications clears the problem.


scrollfinger said...

What about re-growing teeth. Have you known of any success with that?

Jonathan Thomason said...

did it on my, it hurts a bit – but takes 2 months.

Jonathan Thomason said...

HIUS clears arthritis and asthma - see other posts