Friday, 3 June 2016

No petrol

Burning petrol and diesel IS A VERY INEFFICIENT WAY TO DO Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Fossil Fuels have the formula Cm(H2O)n: diesel m=16, petrol m=12. I think that is the wrong way around. Anyway, it is carbon bonded to several water molecules.
When we burn them, we do Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 Cm(H2O)n+pO2->mCO2-E+(n-r)H2O+r(He+O+Er3) we also see Molecular Nuclear Fusion in ammonia or hydrocarbon refineries.
So oxidising the carbon radical consumes a lot of the fusion power. The cycle liberates 45 kW/m of oil or gas burners.
Lightening makes He and O3 gases, as the 1.5 km partial steam plasma doe Molecular Nuclear Fusion: I thought of this 2008, and sent my work to the department of engineering materials at Sheffield university: where I was doing a PhD 2000. They ended my PhD with no explanation as their major funders are nuclear power.
After Chernobyl, every nuclear plant required insurance of 40 billion – no commercial insurance above 1 billion is available.
So nuclear power promoted Global Warming: saying man has increased the level of CO2 in the air. But photosynthesis on the land and seas of the world limit CO2 at 2 parts per million. And the bulk of the temperate area of the world is outside man's control.
So photosynthesis limits free average global CO2 at only 2ppm. In the Jurassic it was 4ppm – sea levels were 60 meters lower, and there were three natural ice-ages. When free CO2 rose to 8ppm: and ice-age doubles CO2, as the snow covers the land, and ice the seas.
1 ice-age lasted 650 million years. As all academics without untreated mental health problems are aware – it is high school biology.
So nuclear power has operated illegal since 1986 – finding it cheaper to buy off legal oversight – than pay for insurance not available. So nuclear power is available.
Academics are not allowed to get funding from illegal ventures. So all the Global Warming research money must be returned to source, all papers shredded, and all PhDs voided. No academic work on Climate Change has ever been done.
Climate Change was a holding tactic until the weather starts warming again in 2023: there are real scientists publishing climate papers – in geography.
Meanwhile every 3 minutes around eh Earth, nature does Molecular Nuclear Fusion in a lightening strike.
2 H2O+pO2+TU->He2++O2-+Ep3+O3 Ep3=2.5x1030 W
This number comes from E=mc2, where m=5 tonnes of He being produced. Again papers by geography. Nuclear power even funded Einstein to work on nuclear fusion
Einstein witnessed natural lightening strikes – but at the time Geiger counters had not been developed. It is likely that he took photographs of lightening strikes – with the photographic emulsion kept in the dark.
 Light slows down as it passes through antimatter. Giving the light a slight red shift. So the universe uis not expanding: the furthest light has the greates red shift – the universe is not expanding faster as it recedes. Einstein's big proof was the big bang – which he never believed in. There are no black holes, no big bang. Just out space is filled with antimatter.
So lightening did nuclear fusion – but he could not think how, and he was developing his ideas on relativity. He got it wrong.
Outer space is filled with a defuse mist of antimatter. Kept at bay, by the light of radiant stars. A star becomes a red giant, then white dwarf.
Now the light does not repel antimatter past the heliosphere. And the sun's interior fills up with repulsive antimatter – attracted to real matter. But kept from annihilation, but the atraction to a matter atom on all sides.
So the sun begins to swell. In the last nanosecond of life it has reached the dimensions of its youthful vigour. Then the swelling runs away, and the star goes nova.
Spraying its heavy atoms around the universe – you are made of such star dust.
The light beams very occasionally bond in outer space.
3 2L->H++p- hydrogen is made.
So every nanosecond outer space is making hydrogen. This is sucked into radiant stars, where it converted back into electromagnetic radiation. But no fast enough to stop the star burning U pits H and He, and in time becomes a white dwarf or brown iron star.
These fly around the universe, not emitting light. But exerting huge gravity. Astronomers have mistaken them for black holes. But they periodically go nova. They are brown giants.
1000 times smaller than a white dwarf, and picking up antimatter – until they go nova. Which is why we see 100 times to many novas around the universe.
So nature shows us a steam plasma does nuclear fusion – all biological systems also do Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
But a 1mx1cm steam plasma produces 2.4 MW. When oil or gas burners only liberate 45 kW. So we get a glass tube, and the electrics from a fluorescent light. Above 4 atmospheres the tube then runs unpowered.
Producing massive heat, and no CO2 or radioactive waste. The He is lost to space naturally within 24 hours, after reacting with nothing.
So 1 steam plasma tube will replace 200 Fossil Fuels burners. And utilises 5x10-16cc of regular water a year.
The home user can use a 50x1cm steam plasma in an outhouse. It will generate 1.2 MW, from 10-17cc or regular water a year. Using the electrics from a fluorescent light. Once started we can detach the electrics, and use them to start other tubes.
Each power user only want 8 kW of power. And we are going to produce 200 kW. Giving an annual income of 3.6 million. The national grids will have to start paying 0.25cents per kW hour.
Nuclear power only makes sense above 2cents per kW hour. And national grids have to buy the cheapest power, so stops buying nuclear power.
Even today, they are buying less conventional power – hence oil is below $30 a barrel – Saudi Arabia needs it above $60 to balance its budget. Hence its economy is in deficit. Audi has already spent its 250 billion in foreign reserves.

So the world is doing nuclear fusion. And academics were never ethically allowed to get research funding from nuclear power. Thus the finance director of EDF left in a harry.
Their operations are illegal – inuring a fine of 10 million p[er operating PWR – dating back to 1986. And 25 years of jail time for senior managers.
If you are a manager, resign, and use the underworld to change your name. Though the police can undo this protection. OK, you are screwed. Bankrupted, and looking forward to dying in jail.
Meanwhile the garage hobbyist is looking forward to a financial future. A life times salary in only 14 months. And no CO2, Fossil Fuels or radioactive waste and enriched U. Which is why the UK government sold off all U enrichment interests 2 years ago.
Fusion from regular water is here.
A 25x1cm plasma tube will generate 600 kW of heat, from 5x10-18cc of regular water a year. Again borrowing the electrics from a fluorescent light. This will generate 100 kW of power: A helicopter only requires 45 kW: so we are in hyper car territory, driving a 4 door car up the motorway.
Or flying off road – and away from speed cameras. Using IT to fly safely point to point – only doling ½ a mile on road at the start and end of the trips.

Avoiding all collisions, as the flying cars talk to each other using radio waves. No diesel or petrol use ever.

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