Thursday, 2 June 2016

Life after a head injury

I am good friends who is a psychiatric nurse – and is always telling me how impossible I am.
My accident was 1988, and my wife left for a less crippled man 1993. I was in rehab, and in 1998 was living in a flat in Bury. I got together with a new girl 1998: my wife sent my the divorce papers in 6 months – she had divorced me 2 years before.
In 2000 I embarked on a chemical engineering at Sheffield University. MY supervisor ended my studies, as I devised Molecular Nuclear Fusion – Google it – I have published 200 pages on it.
I moved to Salford, and got a career as a song writer and singer. Until my girlfriend died 2004. That hits you hard.
Last year we got lottery funding to make 4 documentaries about the return of soldiers from the first world war.
This years we are looking at setting up an annual music and drama festival at the oldest Tudor Hall in the north west of England.
I now have 9 e-book, and 6 paperbacks: 'JonThm'. One book is about the cure of cancer – and is the most important I will ever write.
Sir Richard Branson sponsored my work on Facebook about nuclear fusion: 'JonThm' again.
I took me 5 years to learn to talk again – now I sing my own songs on stage, and work as a TV interviewer etc..

who will be wife 3? She had better be excellent.

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