Sunday, 1 May 2016

The power company pays you

A hydrogen ions and free electron do H fission – and makes every radiant star in the universe shine.
1 H++>2e- ->n0+E3+L+X-ray
On Earth we see steam plasmas – the most energetic structure on Earth. They do plasma burn – converting matter into energy, as told to me at Sheffield University 1984. 'Plasma burn' unlocks matter.
2 O2-+n013C+4He carbon 13 is an unstabel isotope of carbon - 13C
Then we get C +n0 ->Li+n0 ->He+n0 ->H+n0->E carbon into pure energy
So the neutrons unwind the matter, until we get 6 H ions – the other 4 bond with electrons to form neutrons, that causes the decay chain.
So the net effcct is
3 O+5n0 ->4H++3e-+E
The process gives out heat, and then we have a H plasma. So a steam plasma acts as a slower acting H plasma.
So we get less energy. Good job, as the X-rays from a H plasma would kill all life within 10km. As it is, we sit the steam plasma tube in a water bath. To run a steam cycle.
Sorry this is so technical. A lightening strike makes 5 tonnes of He – and energy rlease of 2.5 x1030 W. 5.8 MW/ m. This is just too much heat. But a lightening strike is a very diluted steam plasma. So we need to add N gas, to avoid melting the plant, and killing the workers.
So a 501cm steam plasma tube will liberate a constant 1.2 MW, at a plasma pressure of 4 atmospheres. Just 4! It breaks down at 2. The average power user needs just 8 W, the national grid will pay over 3 million UK pounds annually for the excess power.
And it uses very little water -0.00527cc year year – we will struggle to measure it. We have a spring loaded reservoir holding 5cc when we start the plant, and we have 4.785 when the plant has to be replaced.
No oil or gas. And no uranium use. Just regular water. And we need a pulse of electricity at 2,000 V to start the plasma off – then it self sustains.
To run a car we use a 25x1cm steam plasma, tube, which generates 600 kW of heat. That will drive a steam cycle to yield 60 kW. Enough to run a small helicopter. Without ever refueling.
Service stations had better invent a good restaurant – or they will go out of business. So nature does nuclear fusion – suing a steam plasma. So can we.
Great thing is – it is all science published on the internet.

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