Friday, 27 May 2016

Making natural gas.

When we liquefy air, we first pressurise it so at -50oC 10 atmospheres, we condense out liquid CO2. We then sell it to the drinks industry. But nature has other uses for it.
In the deep pressurised air in in turbulent contact with hot water. We form natural gas.
1 CO2+3H2O+TU->CH4+3O2+O+He+X-ray Molecular Nuclear Fusion in action.
The gas collects in underground chambers, until we extract the methane. The oxygen is soluble in water, and is carried away. We do not have to wait for nature.
We get canisters of pressurised liquid CO2 – these for the clouds of white mist, as we vent some of the gas. Instead, we bubble the gas up through a Ti honey comb. Now we get1.
So the top we get unreacted CO2, O and methane.
At -57oC and 5.8 atmospheres, we condense out the methane. At 161,8oC, the methane becomes liquid. Way below the condensing temperature for CO2, and above that for O2.
So we make natural gas. For 1/10th the price of Fossil Fuels natural gas. And we have no high infrastructure or piping costs.
We make methane in the city, where there is more CO2 in the air anyway – in the countryside there is only a pre-industrial 2 parts per million.
Interestingly enough, the city is no warmer. Hence all the natural gas we burn. Levels are high in the Arctics, or a natural ice-age.
I think somebody got Global Warming wrong. CO2 levels RISE 4 years into a natural ice-age. Global temperatures have been falling for 21 years.
So global average CO2 is a pre-industrial 2 parts per million. A static trace gas affects nothing – just ask a physics student or lecturer. No not lecturer = they dreamed by Global Warming – total fiction.
The Saudis are losing money on the oil they ship, Russia is losing money on the natural gas they pipe. Don't buy Fossil Fuels gas, cycle you CO2 around. Plants convert CO2 into plant biomass.

Making you own natural gas is 20 times cheaper than Fossil Fuels gas. And the plants were deigned in the 1950s.

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