Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Clearing burns

The body has repair techniques, that leave scar tissue behind – if that was removed, the would would heal perfectly. Physiotherapists have written papers on clearing scars for 30 years.
They use High Intensity UltraSound – before its use is clearing cancers, it was employed to clear scars. And burns are just large scars.
The cheapest medically licensed HIUS device is a 8 W 1 MHz ultrasonic massage device – a beauty instrument – that can be sold to, and used by the general public.

If we employ to a burns scar, the macrophage will consume the scar, and the skin stem cells with make a perfect repair.
This can be used for all scars. All medically punished and documented. It does no require a Dr, the health centre nurse is over qualified for the job.
So we remove burns! And the devices can be purchased for 25 UK pounds. A course of HIUS sessions to clear a burn will cost under a cent.
 I have found HIUS to be effective on cl;learing eye muscle damage from 30 years ago. So it will also clear historic scars.

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