Monday, 28 March 2016

Hypersonic flight

We already fly around the world, using jet planes. And jet engine do Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 Cm(H2O)n+pO2->mCO2+(n-r)(H2O-E)+r(He2++O32-+Er3)
So all engineering laboratories have access to a toy jet engine, and thus can do experiments on nuclear fusion!
Turbo props like all IC engine do a little Molecular Nuclear Fusion. But to double it, we Ti plate the working surfaces of the engine.
Then supercharging the inlet gas, will out perform a jet engine – using far less aviation fuel.
But we can increase the Molecular Nuclear Fusion a jet engine does! We have a ring of Venturi nozzles. These use even high pressure gas travelling over the novel to produce suction. See
Now as we boil off liquid water, we do Molecular Nuclear Fusion
2 H2O+TU ->He2++O2-+Eb3
This is why water goes man as it boils – but then settles down to a gentle simmer. Check this with a Geiger counter costs under 35 UK pounds.
So in flight, we turn on water suction, and suddenly we get 10 times more thrust, using 0.2ccf of regular water a minute. So we are talking about 1,800 L of water on a flight to Hong Kong.
Rather than take 23 hoes, it takes under 3. Off less water than the plane coffee machine – which takes 100 L per flight.
We do need to redesign the plane, to have ceramic heat shielding on the nose. Concord did Mach 2. A small commuter plane will do hypersonic travel. Aviation supercharging struggles to do Mach 3.

We are using regular water to travel at Mach 10.

Waterfall Fusion

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Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion every day using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam! Hence the massive amount of helium gas in the global air.

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