Monday, 21 March 2016

Education can't work with criminals

1986, Ukranium nuclear experieienced Chernobyl – for which thety never paid back the world. The Soviet governement can now afford to.
Since then, every operating nuclear plant in the woirld needs insurance of 40 billion: Ecept the Maxgnox stations, who's planning consent ran out in the 1980s.
It is not legla to use your own engineers to extedn planning – so all the Sottish Magnox stations should have been shut down last melinia.
Or a legal sine of 10 million per plant per year is due – this is the standard nuclear fine. Along with 25 years in jail for all the plant and senior maangers.
Hinckley B should have shut down in 1990 – so 36x the stard fine is due.
2010 and Fukishima happedned, so every plant needed insurance cover of 100 billion per year. No insurance above 1 billion is available! So every PWR in the UK ws operating illegally. Even Sizewell B, that was still within planning.
But totally uninsured. Nuclear power invented Global Warming, is a climate warming phase. It have been cooling for 21 years – obviously nothing to do with CO2.
CO2 is interesting, s I pointed out to my PhD supervisor in 2001, every plant on land and the seas of the Earth, converts extra CO2 into extra bio-mass – sucjing it from the air.
So average CO2 is still at a pre-induistrial 2 parts per million. Though active life on Earth has increased by 20%. Nuclear power was appauled! Static carbon – no Global Warming or Climate Change.
EDF read about the fines and the static carbon, and their finance director resigned. There will never be a Hinckley C, after Hinckley B is stil overating, 26 years out of planning.
That is a total fine of 260 millino, and 303 years in jail. Hence the finance directro resigned, and wil lhave changed his name a flead abroad. He has nevver heard of Interpot.
So every director of EDF is looking at a 300 year jail term for tis UK operations alone. And EDF owes the British taxpayer 1.8 billion. And EDF operates as illgally in 100 countieries.
A 50x1cm seam plasma tube does Molecular Nuclear Fusion. A 50x1 cm steam plasma tube generate s2.4 MW, with no CO2 or solid end product. So it concumes 0.0007cc or regular water a decvade.
Gree, free carbon neutral power. With no Plutnium or strontium. That is the power ssytem that will drive our futures.
TH eU has introduced a carbon tax! But plants prevent an increase of CO2 in the air – so we have natural weather. So ther carbon tax is illegla under EU and ~Trust laws: nuclear power is the most toxic and polluting industry ever – the very definition of un green.
Academis stopped researching Global Warming in 2005, ony l4 year after I pointwed out photosuynthesis prevented an increase of CO2 in the air – high school biology. So no Global Warming or Climate Change.
And no carbon tax! The law nakers will be very upset they have put an illegla tax on the European statute books.
No increase in the trace level of CO2 in the aiur is possible – outside a natural ice-age. Massive NATURAL globnal cooling.

Sop every academic must shred their work on Global Warming or Climate Change – which are biological non sense. Return all the monies to funding agencies, and get out of eduction for life.

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